Ever wanted to be a Vampire ?

Vampire movies are everywhere these days* And I guess since its trending people are becoming more and more interested in the topic!! But how far would you really go to prove your a vampire? Or that they actually exist! đŸ™‚

I recently read a news headline that caught my attention as both shocking and extremely insane*

“Woman Bites elderly man in “Vampire” attack”

Basically what happend is a Woman who claimed to be a Vampire, viciously began biting an elderly man on his face and arms! To make matters worse the poor guy was in a wheelchair!! They met one night at a vacant restaurant and before he knew it , this woman was ontop of him saying “I am a vampire and I am going to eat you”….

To read more on this story go to:

In my opinion this is taking the whole Vampire craze to a whole new level!! Really, I love Vampire movies , but this..this is just insane! But I guess everyone has there own crazy ways of showing and expressing their love for it*



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