Are you a True Animal Lover??

I’m sure everyone loves animals and we all support the Animal Anti cruelty societys etc etc BUT… How far would you really go, to raise awareness and put a stop to Animal Cruelty??

PETA – ((people for the ethical treatment of animals.)) Have found a new way to gain more publicity and promote animal anti cruelty. This may sound a little insane but they are launching a pornography site, in the name of animal rights :/

PETA XXX domain hopes to create awareness of veganism through a mix of pornography and graphic footage of animal suffering!!…apparently PETA is hopeing to reach a whole new audience which will then hopefully increase awareness!! 🙂

Yes, weird…. But who are we to question their ways 🙂

To some, this might seem like a strange over the top idea and maybe even abit insane 🙂 …but to me, it shows the passion that PETA has to create awareness against animal cruelty and hopefully decrease it 🙂

On the other hand… It comes across as abit sick minded to associate animal cruelty with porn, there are some truly sick people out their that might even start to a form a liking to animal suffering causing their arousal and then what??…..

Anyways, the question is : How far would you go, to prove your love for animals??

To read more about the PETA situation visit :

Xoxo 3l0c1n


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