My take on the Male Species :)

Guys always talk about how they dont understand us woman..BUT they are the ones that always give mixed signals, and we end up worrying about where we stand and how they truly feel.

i recently met this guy that has a certain “type” of girl that his into when he’s looking for a realtionship, and a diffrent “type” when he just wants a one night stand. I wasnt to suprised by this, seeing that i’m kinda known for choosing the shitbags, but it did sort of open my eyes to how the male species think.

When it comes to guys, we need to remember a few important things about them. They are total bafoons!!, Animals that have their own special way of doing things!! They are taught to look for certain features in woman, and have some sort of preconcieved idea of what a woman is supposed to look or be like :/


Visual! They want to look !! Their eyes are always wandering around..looking for something they could possibly impregnate 😀 haha, but seriously They simply just cant help it.

You get all different types of men, boob men, leg men, men who like blondes, men who like brunettes, men who like tanned woman, pale woman, fat woman, thin woman, literally anything these days turn guys on… I rate we just explore them all and see which catergory we fit best 🙂

i have found it impossible to read them, yes they have their catergories such as, the pimps, the players, the nerdies, the shy ones, the vain ones, the sex addicts, the sweet ones etc etc etc… But other than that ..there is no specific category to place them.

Some advice to you ladies: Expect the unexpected , and prepare to be hurt and pushed around. Learn from your mistakes and one will find him 🙂 🙂

xoxo 3l0c1n




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