how to tell your father about the other guy in your life …

so you’ve had a boyfriend for quite some time ( he is just a boyfriend right? cos if y’all are already married… daddy’s gonna be angry anyway.)

so…how do you tell dearest daddy that the kid he took home the other day is your “special friend”…

now if you’re a girl like me who doesn’t really tell father much except how school is…

and… your dad is really strict , but you know he was a crazy kid in his timePunk Thumbs up ( yeah…when them dinosaurs roamed the earth…Smile)

and you’re like omg HOW???Disappointed smile its actually pretty simple…

[[ and PS. its better to tell him than to hide something from him that he’s already figured out…trust me…  he’s figured it out my darling.Winking smile ]]

what you do is you go up to him while he’s chillin watching TV (in his happy place ) and you go…Angel

hey know that guy ,[insert name], well… we’re kinda… going out/an item/together/etc.

and he’ll kinda ignore you for a while… and talk about the TV to let it settle in…

and then he comes to you and he’s like…

i kinda figured that one out already

and then you have to go…

yes…i know you did and i wanted to tell you ,but you’re my father and it’s not something you run up to your dad saying.

that chills the …”vibe”.Winking smileThumbs up

if he’s a dad like mine … you’ll get something like…

okay…yes . and i think I’m a pretty chilled oke ,but i want you to be responsible . Smile

then you look him in the eyes … and you SMILEOpen-mouthed smile

and you say ….

yes of course daddy.

and then you give him your super awesome report/good news about something completely off the boy topic.

and my dear… make sure you talk to him and you joke around like always and DO NOT MAKE IT AWKWARD… ITS NOT AWKWARD.

you should be fine… dads aren’t as crazy and super strict as they normally are if you just come out and tell them things straight out.Smile




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