RApEx!! the Rape prevention COndoM ?? :/

So I was doing a little Rape awareness browsing online and came across a bizzare and indeed very clever way of Rape Prevention 🙂

Its called RAPEX, invented by a South African man (oh yeaah baby 🙂 ) its basically a female condom, inserted into the vagina ,to prevent rape.. So how does this work?? Is a question I’m sure is on your mind..

Well, the device is basically a female condom, with teeth like thingy’s lining the inside* it works just like those protective spikes in a parking garage.
You can go in, but whatever you do, DON’T back out 🙂

The teeth are situated so that they allow for the penis to go in, but bite like a shark as the penis is removed! Causing so much pain to the rapist that the victim has chance to escape, the condom can only be surgically removed which will lead to capture of the rapist 🙂 yaaay

Any thoughts on the effectiveness of this new Rapex device??

Well I personally think that its perfect, for someone not having any sex at all, but is in fear of being raped! NOTHING GOES IN !!




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