The Blackberry Epidemic :)

Yes, i know epidemic is abit serious..but it is infact the perfect word to use 🙂

Epidemic :A widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time

Infectious disease..widespead :D.. YES people, this is what the world has come to!! The Blackberry Smartphone is slowly takeing over!!

Im sure you know someone that has one, im sure you have one ..and if you dont have one you want one.. because everyone has one!! thats just how things are! I mean. yes i have a blackberry and maybe i got it because everyone elese was getting one, But it really is an amazing peice of technology to own!!

They come in all shapes and sizes, names, colours, features etc!! To have everything you want in a little cellphone is just pure bliss..LIKE AT THIS VERY MOMENT ..i am writing a blog post, updating my twiiter status which in turn updates my facebook status, downloading the latest episode on glee and replying to my messages on Blackbery messenger!!! how awesome is that!!

And dont give me that nonsence on how the iphone is the latest epidemic because its NOT!! yes the iphone might be better than the blackberry in very few ways BUT.. its not really therfore the Blackberry WINS!! HAHA

so get down to your closest cellphone network store and buy yourself a Blackberr 🙂 I PROMISE you wont be dissapointed 🙂




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