Why does he want the world to end so badly?

NOW I know this is kinda late… and we were supposed to die in October… but im posting this  now…despite its lateness…

I want to know if im the only person who thinks he’s a freaktard …

seriously…he’s wrong every time but he keeps predicting this BS and people keep believing him…

People… THINK FURTHER THAN YOUR NOSES… he keeps scaring half the world out of their skin by lying and he gets paid for his piece of crap predictions… im sick of him…

and the billboards are just annoying… somebody take them down already…

Use them for something that is actually worth it…

like promoting animal anti-cruelty, global warming (which would probably kill us all before Camping gets his date right) or anti-crime signs…

even a plain white billboard is better than seeing

[ CONFESS YOUR SINS!!! THE RAPTURE IS COMING!!! ]…dude…seriously…shut up.


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