I’m going slightly mad.


What defines “having purpose”?

Is it really even that important? How do you really know what your purpose is? if you have any at all…

&& how do we decide what truly is …our reason to be walking the face of this Earth..?

Talents , success & reaching the top , the energy we project into others’ lives…Things we do… how we affect the space around us..

When do you realise …why you wake up every morning…

What if that morning never comes…

What happens when you reach the top… and there’s a vacancy where that feeling of fulfilment is supposed to be…

Or you’ve had purpose all your life …you just didn’t know.

Keep searching for something that you can’t see is right in front of you and it will get kinda depressing…

Is it the moment you wake up , stare into loves eyes and know that.. he’s your purpose?

Is he really?

Is it when you hold the life you’ve created and brought into this horrible-beautiful world?

Is it really?

Do you have one true purpose… ?

Really only one?

& what if that reason… is no more…

Do you then no longer need to be roaming the planet?

Purposeless …?

Am i even making sense right now? No…you are not.

I think i just want to “live & let live”… and keep myself almost sane for now…

Good idea hun…



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