Nursery Rhymes are wacked </3

aaah 😉 Nursery Rhymes!! we all know them, baa baa black sheep, humpty dumpty and lets not forget the dear old HEY diddle diddle 🙂

Ive always wondered what they actually mean?? Because if i may be honest..they make no scense and are absoloutly WACKED!! yet..we still love them, i meann come on.who could hate an endles rhyming random song 🙂

Clapping rhymes were my favourite..still are! but only now do i see how mental the average clapping rhyme truly is 🙂

Take for example :

“i went to a chinese reaturant”

Okay, so far so good…

“to buy a loaf of bread,bread,bread “

Err..Sorry?? .. you went to a chinese buy bread! What is this place!! :0

” I wrapped it up in a five pound note”

Wait, WHAT??? You did WHAT??…..anyway, Bread doesnt even cost five pounds.”
“And this is what they said,said,said

“My name is elvis presely,

Girls are sexy Sitting in the backseat

Drinking pepsi “

Not only have we spiralled strait into madness!!!  but it seems to involve a peodophile restaurant owner, seducing he’s young customers by pretending to be a long- dead Rock n roll icon..








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