Yawn :)

So you are sitting in class or the office, the boardroom, the living room whatever * and you suddenly let out a long awaited Yawn!

After apologising (or not) for your unexpected display , Someone else that saw you Yawn, starts to Yawn too.. And then someone that saw them Yawn starts to Yawn and its just a whole Yawning matter šŸ™‚

So why is the so called “Yawn” so Contagious??

Well , scientists say Yawning is a shared experience that increases social bonding :D..just like laughing or crying :O

Now, I’m not that big on understanding science, but basically .. When someone Yawns, you also feel the sudden urge to Yawn..
Due to a thing called the mirror nueron system šŸ™‚ (a system that gives you the urge to imitate others)
And in order to Yawn, the desire must pass through this system!!

Wow. I’m confused and bored with science šŸ™‚
But hey šŸ™‚ you guys learnt something new*

Yawn away



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Unreliable - free spirit*

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