How Do you Relieve Stress?? :/

So wow 🙂 Haven’t posted in forever, But Hey..on Holiday and this Game Reserve has Terrible Signal !! 😦 a very much needed stress free Break

In Shangai China, there was recently a Massive Pillow Battle!! Yes.. With pillows

What happend is thousands of people gathered for a massive Pillow fight.. The Pillows had the names of Horrible Bosses and Teachers on them thus blowing off stress for everyone participating.

This is actually a anual event.. The pillow fight lasts for two days leading up to christmass
I guess we would all love stress free christmass.

My christmass was Fabulous by the way 🙂

I think I prefer voodoo dolls over pillows with names on them! Major stress releaver 🙂

To read more on the pillow fight go to :

Not into the whole pillow fight or voodoo doll thing there’s always things such as stress balls and running and all those other lame stress releavers 🙂

Just make sure you Have a stress free Holiday 🙂



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