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How Do you Relieve Stress?? :/

So wow 🙂 Haven’t posted in forever, But Hey..on Holiday and this Game Reserve has Terrible Signal !! 😦 a very much needed stress free Break

In Shangai China, there was recently a Massive Pillow Battle!! Yes.. With pillows

What happend is thousands of people gathered for a massive Pillow fight.. The Pillows had the names of Horrible Bosses and Teachers on them thus blowing off stress for everyone participating.

This is actually a anual event.. The pillow fight lasts for two days leading up to christmass
I guess we would all love stress free christmass.

My christmass was Fabulous by the way 🙂

I think I prefer voodoo dolls over pillows with names on them! Major stress releaver 🙂

To read more on the pillow fight go to :

Not into the whole pillow fight or voodoo doll thing there’s always things such as stress balls and running and all those other lame stress releavers 🙂

Just make sure you Have a stress free Holiday 🙂



Vending Machines were never meant to be Kinky :/

Some of you may have heard of this before, since it did happen quite some time ago*
But me.. Well I only found out abit this TODAY..

In Japan there used to be and probably still are, Vending machines that sell Underwear that has been WORN by Schoolgirls!!!

Haha! WOW.. WHAT!!?? (Was my origional reaction)

So inside the Vending Machine the used items of underwear are individually wrapped with a picture of the Schoolgirl who Origionally wore them :/

Ewww!! How can any1 be into that sort of thing!!

There are many questions.. Like does it cost extra if its extra smelly? Or crusty?? EWWWW 🙂
And what makes you so sure that the underwear has actually been worn by SchoolGirls!!

I have some good news though. The Japanese Government has banned selling used underwear…yaaay 🙂
Bad news, They can still probably be found allover 😦

So I just thought I’d share this unusual little piece of information with you 🙂


Diamonds are a Girls best friend (x)

“Men grow cold as girls grow old
And we all lose our charms in the end
But square cut or pear shape these rocks don’t lose their shape
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend
Marilyn Monroe
So the saying goes as you already figured ” Diamonds are a Girls BEST FRIEND “
As girls we simply adore recieving gifts..and although we don’t live by ” The more expensive the Better” .. We all have that inner desire to recieve and own a beautiful bling filled expensive Diamond! A prized posession 🙂
 A Diamond is a precious and a beautiful stone. It is the Costliest gem when compared to other gems and is just by far the most amazing stone money can buy ❤
Diamonds are said to symbolise marriage, true love.. To show that perfect Girl how much you Adore her 🙂
Ultimatly, they are just Breathtaking ❤ ..
So guys, pay a visit to your local jewerly store and show your girl how much she truly means to you 🙂

Yawn :)

So you are sitting in class or the office, the boardroom, the living room whatever * and you suddenly let out a long awaited Yawn!

After apologising (or not) for your unexpected display , Someone else that saw you Yawn, starts to Yawn too.. And then someone that saw them Yawn starts to Yawn and its just a whole Yawning matter 🙂

So why is the so called “Yawn” so Contagious??

Well , scientists say Yawning is a shared experience that increases social bonding :D..just like laughing or crying :O

Now, I’m not that big on understanding science, but basically .. When someone Yawns, you also feel the sudden urge to Yawn..
Due to a thing called the mirror nueron system 🙂 (a system that gives you the urge to imitate others)
And in order to Yawn, the desire must pass through this system!!

Wow. I’m confused and bored with science 🙂
But hey 🙂 you guys learnt something new*

Yawn away


Nursery Rhymes are wacked </3

aaah 😉 Nursery Rhymes!! we all know them, baa baa black sheep, humpty dumpty and lets not forget the dear old HEY diddle diddle 🙂

Ive always wondered what they actually mean?? Because if i may be honest..they make no scense and are absoloutly WACKED!! yet..we still love them, i meann come on.who could hate an endles rhyming random song 🙂

Clapping rhymes were my favourite..still are! but only now do i see how mental the average clapping rhyme truly is 🙂

Take for example :

“i went to a chinese reaturant”

Okay, so far so good…

“to buy a loaf of bread,bread,bread “

Err..Sorry?? .. you went to a chinese buy bread! What is this place!! :0

” I wrapped it up in a five pound note”

Wait, WHAT??? You did WHAT??…..anyway, Bread doesnt even cost five pounds.”
“And this is what they said,said,said

“My name is elvis presely,

Girls are sexy Sitting in the backseat

Drinking pepsi “

Not only have we spiralled strait into madness!!!  but it seems to involve a peodophile restaurant owner, seducing he’s young customers by pretending to be a long- dead Rock n roll icon..







Always dreamed of having a big family??

I know that these days, not everyone likes to have big families. But if you do, how BIG would you go?? 6 to maybe about 12 children MAX right??

Back in the day , waaaay back (1725-1765) There lived this ordinary man named Feodor Vassilyev in Shuya, Russia.

NO! I am not about to bore you with histroy..I’m about to Blow your Mind!! 🙂

Anyway* this man had, what you could call “Mutant Sperm” !! Yes that’s right! MUTANT 😀

He’s first wife, had a total of 27 pregnancies..but wait, that’s not all … It gets freakier!! From those 27 pregnancies she gave birth to:
+ 16 pairs of TWINS*
+ 7 sets of TRIPLETS
+ 4 sets of QUADRUPLETS!!!!

67 of the 69 kids survived infancy 🙂

So you would think, that after having 67 children, Feodor Vassilyev in Shuya, Russia, would have been satisfied! BUT NO, he took he’s mutant sperm to his SECOND wife and BAMN! She gave Birth to :
+ 6 sets of TWINS
+ 2 sets of TRIPLETS!!!!

🙂 hehehe* so Feodor Vassilyev in Shuya, Russia had a total of 82 LIVINg children!!

This is all abit to much for me to take in, let alone actually BELIEVE!!* consider my mind, officially blown!!

Want proof?? Google it 🙂 haha

I wish you all happy families 🙂 🙂


I’m going slightly mad.


What defines “having purpose”?

Is it really even that important? How do you really know what your purpose is? if you have any at all…

&& how do we decide what truly is …our reason to be walking the face of this Earth..?

Talents , success & reaching the top , the energy we project into others’ lives…Things we do… how we affect the space around us..

When do you realise …why you wake up every morning…

What if that morning never comes…

What happens when you reach the top… and there’s a vacancy where that feeling of fulfilment is supposed to be…

Or you’ve had purpose all your life …you just didn’t know.

Keep searching for something that you can’t see is right in front of you and it will get kinda depressing…

Is it the moment you wake up , stare into loves eyes and know that.. he’s your purpose?

Is he really?

Is it when you hold the life you’ve created and brought into this horrible-beautiful world?

Is it really?

Do you have one true purpose… ?

Really only one?

& what if that reason… is no more…

Do you then no longer need to be roaming the planet?

Purposeless …?

Am i even making sense right now? No…you are not.

I think i just want to “live & let live”… and keep myself almost sane for now…

Good idea hun…


Why does he want the world to end so badly?

NOW I know this is kinda late… and we were supposed to die in October… but im posting this  now…despite its lateness…

I want to know if im the only person who thinks he’s a freaktard …

seriously…he’s wrong every time but he keeps predicting this BS and people keep believing him…

People… THINK FURTHER THAN YOUR NOSES… he keeps scaring half the world out of their skin by lying and he gets paid for his piece of crap predictions… im sick of him…

and the billboards are just annoying… somebody take them down already…

Use them for something that is actually worth it…

like promoting animal anti-cruelty, global warming (which would probably kill us all before Camping gets his date right) or anti-crime signs…

even a plain white billboard is better than seeing

[ CONFESS YOUR SINS!!! THE RAPTURE IS COMING!!! ]…dude…seriously…shut up.

The Mtv EMA’s Belfast 2011


This would have been posted last night had my laptop not fucked out on me making me lose all the awesomeness i had prepared for your reading pleasure…

The Mtv EMA’s had us biting our nails for months and voting like crazy…Some of the results made us throw things at the screen.. others made us wanna throw upSick smile… and some were just plain awesome.Thumbs up

Anyway my darlings…HERE GOES..

BEST ALTERNATIVE –  30 SECONDS TO MARS!!!AlienOpen-mouthed smile 

mars best alternative ema_0

Well done Jared , Tomo and Shannon and thank you to an awesome family , theeee Echelon SmileRed heart

BEST FEMALE  – Justin Bieber… LOL just kidding … LADY GAGA!!! Smile well done and be proud Monsters , your mama went up for BEST SONG and VIDEO and FANS too!!! (who else is sooo happy the beliebers didn’t get that one ?) Smile


BEST LIVE – Katy Perry … i was kinda surprised …images (1)

But well done Katy …

Best male and best pop…. bieber… moving on…

BEST NEW – Bruno Mars Smile great performance too.

BEST HIP HOP – EMINEM!!! who unfortunately could not make it to the event… we missed you !!!


who’s proud ?? i definitely am Smile

I had a super awesome QUEEN Sunday listening to queen and singing along for hours Smile even got my mom to join in …and then to see them get that…and Adam performing with them.. beautiful !

Altogether it was another success… Smile 




INSANE : youngest woman to ever give birth (YOU will not believe it!!)

wow.. i always prepare myself for the worst when i type random stuff into google like “Young mothers” and “Youngest mothers” But really, nothing prepared me for this shocker!! I personally do not believe it!! it’s so bizzare, like how can this be true??? 😮 !!!

5 YEARS OLD!!! 5 … F I V E !!  NOT 10 , NOT 13  BUT 5 !!!!

yes, i don’t believ me..becuase how can you give birth when your five….how can you even get pregnant when your 5 !! it’s just absoloutly unheard of..


* Lina Medina (born September 27, 1933, in Ticrapo, Huancavelica Region, Peru) is the youngest confirmed mother in medical history, giving birth at the age of five years, seven months and 21 days

* She was taken to the hospital by her parents due to her a large increase in her abdominal area. But the doctors confirmed she was actually 7 months pregnant !!!!!

* on May 14, 1939, she gave birth to a boy by a caesarean section!!

*Her son, weighing 2,700 grams or 5.92 pounds, was well formed and in good health.

* Lina’s father was temporarily jailed on suspicion of incest, but he was released for a lack of evidence and authorities were never ableto determine who fathered Lina’s child

*her doctors were stunned as she had been having regular periods since the age of three

heres her picture :

How bizzare is that??

haha believe it or not, its a good story 🙂

i guess your never too young to start a family!!