Shunsuke : Famous Pomeranian

This little, Japanese canine has his own Facebook and twitter pages with fans who look at and read about his whereabouts everyday.

Yes , that’s correct , the “cutest dog in japan” has up to 55,000 fans checking into his pages everyday just to know what he’s doggy day is like.

He makes regular television appearances and has 2 books published!!!


This 10 year old cutey-pie is rumoured to possibly pursue a career in politics in the near future !!!

Yes, that’s correct , this dog is more successful than a lot of us Homo sapiens .

I have an urge to go sit down and sort my life out now…

seriously though…

farewell dear reader…




Why does he want the world to end so badly?

NOW I know this is kinda late… and we were supposed to die in October… but im posting this  now…despite its lateness…

I want to know if im the only person who thinks he’s a freaktard …

seriously…he’s wrong every time but he keeps predicting this BS and people keep believing him…

People… THINK FURTHER THAN YOUR NOSES… he keeps scaring half the world out of their skin by lying and he gets paid for his piece of crap predictions… im sick of him…

and the billboards are just annoying… somebody take them down already…

Use them for something that is actually worth it…

like promoting animal anti-cruelty, global warming (which would probably kill us all before Camping gets his date right) or anti-crime signs…

even a plain white billboard is better than seeing

[ CONFESS YOUR SINS!!! THE RAPTURE IS COMING!!! ]…dude…seriously…shut up.

The Mtv EMA’s Belfast 2011


This would have been posted last night had my laptop not fucked out on me making me lose all the awesomeness i had prepared for your reading pleasure…

The Mtv EMA’s had us biting our nails for months and voting like crazy…Some of the results made us throw things at the screen.. others made us wanna throw upSick smile… and some were just plain awesome.Thumbs up

Anyway my darlings…HERE GOES..

BEST ALTERNATIVE –  30 SECONDS TO MARS!!!AlienOpen-mouthed smile 

mars best alternative ema_0

Well done Jared , Tomo and Shannon and thank you to an awesome family , theeee Echelon SmileRed heart

BEST FEMALE  – Justin Bieber… LOL just kidding … LADY GAGA!!! Smile well done and be proud Monsters , your mama went up for BEST SONG and VIDEO and FANS too!!! (who else is sooo happy the beliebers didn’t get that one ?) Smile


BEST LIVE – Katy Perry … i was kinda surprised …images (1)

But well done Katy …

Best male and best pop…. bieber… moving on…

BEST NEW – Bruno Mars Smile great performance too.

BEST HIP HOP – EMINEM!!! who unfortunately could not make it to the event… we missed you !!!


who’s proud ?? i definitely am Smile

I had a super awesome QUEEN Sunday listening to queen and singing along for hours Smile even got my mom to join in …and then to see them get that…and Adam performing with them.. beautiful !

Altogether it was another success… Smile 




INSANE : youngest woman to ever give birth (YOU will not believe it!!)

wow.. i always prepare myself for the worst when i type random stuff into google like “Young mothers” and “Youngest mothers” But really, nothing prepared me for this shocker!! I personally do not believe it!! it’s so bizzare, like how can this be true??? 😮 !!!

5 YEARS OLD!!! 5 … F I V E !!  NOT 10 , NOT 13  BUT 5 !!!!

yes, i don’t believ me..becuase how can you give birth when your five….how can you even get pregnant when your 5 !! it’s just absoloutly unheard of..


* Lina Medina (born September 27, 1933, in Ticrapo, Huancavelica Region, Peru) is the youngest confirmed mother in medical history, giving birth at the age of five years, seven months and 21 days

* She was taken to the hospital by her parents due to her a large increase in her abdominal area. But the doctors confirmed she was actually 7 months pregnant !!!!!

* on May 14, 1939, she gave birth to a boy by a caesarean section!!

*Her son, weighing 2,700 grams or 5.92 pounds, was well formed and in good health.

* Lina’s father was temporarily jailed on suspicion of incest, but he was released for a lack of evidence and authorities were never ableto determine who fathered Lina’s child

*her doctors were stunned as she had been having regular periods since the age of three

heres her picture :

How bizzare is that??

haha believe it or not, its a good story 🙂

i guess your never too young to start a family!!



The Blackberry Epidemic :)

Yes, i know epidemic is abit serious..but it is infact the perfect word to use 🙂

Epidemic :A widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time

Infectious disease..widespead :D.. YES people, this is what the world has come to!! The Blackberry Smartphone is slowly takeing over!!

Im sure you know someone that has one, im sure you have one ..and if you dont have one you want one.. because everyone has one!! thats just how things are! I mean. yes i have a blackberry and maybe i got it because everyone elese was getting one, But it really is an amazing peice of technology to own!!

They come in all shapes and sizes, names, colours, features etc!! To have everything you want in a little cellphone is just pure bliss..LIKE AT THIS VERY MOMENT ..i am writing a blog post, updating my twiiter status which in turn updates my facebook status, downloading the latest episode on glee and replying to my messages on Blackbery messenger!!! how awesome is that!!

And dont give me that nonsence on how the iphone is the latest epidemic because its NOT!! yes the iphone might be better than the blackberry in very few ways BUT.. its not really therfore the Blackberry WINS!! HAHA

so get down to your closest cellphone network store and buy yourself a Blackberr 🙂 I PROMISE you wont be dissapointed 🙂



ZoMbIE WaLk 2011 :) :)

BrAAaaAAAaaaiiiiiiNnnssSS !!

Here it is People 🙂 The event we’ve all been waiting for* The official Cape Town Zombie Walk 2011 🙂 🙂

Are you as excited as I am?? Come along* Dress up like weird ass Zombies looking all hungry for Brains and stuff 🙂

When : Sunday 30th October
Time: 3pm to 6pm
Dress code : Zombie atire
Mind set: BRAINZZ !!
Venue: Company Gardens and the V&A Waterfront

Any Zombie’s wanting to picnic in the park , can do so after 3pm. Feel free to spread some gore and eat some brains*

HorrorFest!! Will be happening at the Labia Theatre for those wanting to indulge in pre- drinks and watch Zombie movies. A prize for the best Zombie will also be awarded 🙂

At the 15H45 the march will begin. Out the park, passed St Georges Cathedral and over into St Georges Mall. The destination is the V&A Waterfront. Feel free to scare people en route.

Once you reach the V&A Waterfront the walking part is over. 🙂 The after party is at Mitchells.

Seeya there *

Like the link on Facebook 🙂


Spring Tide 2011 :) :) – unnoficial

If your from the Fabulous City of Cape Town* then I suggest you Grab your Bikini’s , Boardshorts and Towels (don’t forget the sunblock 😉 ). And get your sexy ass down to Camps Bay beach on the 22nd Of October.. Like this Saturday 🙂

For the unofficial SPRING TIDE 2011 :).. Bring yourselves and your friends, food ofcourse.. And let’s just have a amazing time *

See you all there 🙂

RApEx!! the Rape prevention COndoM ?? :/

So I was doing a little Rape awareness browsing online and came across a bizzare and indeed very clever way of Rape Prevention 🙂

Its called RAPEX, invented by a South African man (oh yeaah baby 🙂 ) its basically a female condom, inserted into the vagina ,to prevent rape.. So how does this work?? Is a question I’m sure is on your mind..

Well, the device is basically a female condom, with teeth like thingy’s lining the inside* it works just like those protective spikes in a parking garage.
You can go in, but whatever you do, DON’T back out 🙂

The teeth are situated so that they allow for the penis to go in, but bite like a shark as the penis is removed! Causing so much pain to the rapist that the victim has chance to escape, the condom can only be surgically removed which will lead to capture of the rapist 🙂 yaaay

Any thoughts on the effectiveness of this new Rapex device??

Well I personally think that its perfect, for someone not having any sex at all, but is in fear of being raped! NOTHING GOES IN !!



& Life is Just Blah Blah Blah…

“It is just blah blah blah.

You hope for blah,

And sometimes you find it,

But mostly it’s blah.

And waiting for blah.

And hoping you were right about the blah’s you made.

Then , just when you think you have the whole blah damn thing figured out & you’re surrounded by the one’s you blah


Death shows up…

& blah blah blah…”


– Andy ( Weeds )

how to tell your father about the other guy in your life …

so you’ve had a boyfriend for quite some time ( he is just a boyfriend right? cos if y’all are already married… daddy’s gonna be angry anyway.)

so…how do you tell dearest daddy that the kid he took home the other day is your “special friend”…

now if you’re a girl like me who doesn’t really tell father much except how school is…

and… your dad is really strict , but you know he was a crazy kid in his timePunk Thumbs up ( yeah…when them dinosaurs roamed the earth…Smile)

and you’re like omg HOW???Disappointed smile its actually pretty simple…

[[ and PS. its better to tell him than to hide something from him that he’s already figured out…trust me…  he’s figured it out my darling.Winking smile ]]

what you do is you go up to him while he’s chillin watching TV (in his happy place ) and you go…Angel

hey know that guy ,[insert name], well… we’re kinda… going out/an item/together/etc.

and he’ll kinda ignore you for a while… and talk about the TV to let it settle in…

and then he comes to you and he’s like…

i kinda figured that one out already

and then you have to go…

yes…i know you did and i wanted to tell you ,but you’re my father and it’s not something you run up to your dad saying.

that chills the …”vibe”.Winking smileThumbs up

if he’s a dad like mine … you’ll get something like…

okay…yes . and i think I’m a pretty chilled oke ,but i want you to be responsible . Smile

then you look him in the eyes … and you SMILEOpen-mouthed smile

and you say ….

yes of course daddy.

and then you give him your super awesome report/good news about something completely off the boy topic.

and my dear… make sure you talk to him and you joke around like always and DO NOT MAKE IT AWKWARD… ITS NOT AWKWARD.

you should be fine… dads aren’t as crazy and super strict as they normally are if you just come out and tell them things straight out.Smile