Sugar and Spice <3

*I, Believe everything Sweet came from a little bit of Spice

 So let me share my guide with you on whats Right, and on what should just be Completley Banned from the human race!! Flashy NOT trashy 😉

So, whats Hot? and whats NOT?* I’ll be the judge of that 🙂

The world will just be a better place once my opinion is out there!!




vote now 🙂 the public deserves to know

                                                                                            sexy beast ❤


Summer Dresses ❤

Well its Summer here in South Africa, and i believe no girl should go through summer without wearing Summer dresses 🙂 . Tight on the top with a free flowing bottom, Summer Dresses are really a need.. Like water!!

Rule 1 : The more Floral the better

Rule 2: Do NOT wear tights underneath!!!

Rule 3:  If your short like me, Do not wear any dress that flows below the knee

They come in all shapes and sizes, colours and styles so really there is no excuse for you not to wear it, and besides, you’ll look absoloutly Fabulous 🙂


Those loose Floral pants with the attached Tan coloured waist band that EVERYBODY has !!!!

its like, when you love a  song and play it a thousand times…then eventually get SOOO SICK OF IT THAT THE MERE MENTION OF IT BRINGS UP PURE VOMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes, dear readers…. This is what this sickening once loved floral pants has become…

So don’t make the mistake by wearing it..EVER , and if you own a pair..throw it away, or better burn it!!

i wont even post a picture its disgusts me so much !!


Violent Lips :

So being the Animal print lover that i am (Fake animal print ofcourse) im always looking for something sexy and Animal print to spice up my look* And i have found the ultimatley PERFECT thing 🙂

VIOLENT LIPS : Temporary lip sticker tatoos that stay on for up to 8 hours!! They make your lips look ultimatly Phenomenal !!

It is so easy to apply, all you have to is cut the lip stencil to fit your lips size, peel off the temprary tatoo and apply it with water .. just like a normal tatoo !!

You can indeed eat, drink AND kiss with them on so really there is no reason for you not to have them 🙂

For more information and on where to buy it go to the origional amazing fantabulous site :

xoxo 3l0c1n


You  just have to agree with me that BURLESQUE* is thee greatest movie of all time 🙂

and it is in fact my Favouritest movie (yes i’ve watched it atleat 23 times 🙂 )

     aaaaaah 🙂

❤ ❤ Even though the singing in this moive is ultimate, my favourite aspect just has to be the Outfits 🙂

This one : Made frome Pearls and a little bit of material*


                         Isint it just to DIE for 🙂

                         And my second favouritest is……







   i would instantly marry a guy who bought me these 🙂


This movie is just a ultimate MUST SEE 🙂 yes its a chick flick..but it has kinky outfits so the guys wont be bored for a second …

and the movies been out for quite some time now so there is no excuse for you not to see it if you already havent 🙂

its a life

its a class

its a style

its Burlesque*

xoxo 3l0c1n


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