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Always dreamed of having a big family??

I know that these days, not everyone likes to have big families. But if you do, how BIG would you go?? 6 to maybe about 12 children MAX right??

Back in the day , waaaay back (1725-1765) There lived this ordinary man named Feodor Vassilyev in Shuya, Russia.

NO! I am not about to bore you with histroy..I’m about to Blow your Mind!! 🙂

Anyway* this man had, what you could call “Mutant Sperm” !! Yes that’s right! MUTANT 😀

He’s first wife, had a total of 27 pregnancies..but wait, that’s not all … It gets freakier!! From those 27 pregnancies she gave birth to:
+ 16 pairs of TWINS*
+ 7 sets of TRIPLETS
+ 4 sets of QUADRUPLETS!!!!

67 of the 69 kids survived infancy 🙂

So you would think, that after having 67 children, Feodor Vassilyev in Shuya, Russia, would have been satisfied! BUT NO, he took he’s mutant sperm to his SECOND wife and BAMN! She gave Birth to :
+ 6 sets of TWINS
+ 2 sets of TRIPLETS!!!!

🙂 hehehe* so Feodor Vassilyev in Shuya, Russia had a total of 82 LIVINg children!!

This is all abit to much for me to take in, let alone actually BELIEVE!!* consider my mind, officially blown!!

Want proof?? Google it 🙂 haha

I wish you all happy families 🙂 🙂