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Darth Vader : Land for space cruiser!

Darth Vader?? Land ??

Yes…it’s true… Mr Vader wants a piece of land …

&& yes… Darth Vader is Ukrainian.Disappointed smile yes… I know…the Mind-Boggling meter went up a notch.

A man dressed up as the famous Star Wars villain went to the mayor’s office claiming a free land plot . According to Ukrainian legislation, every Ukrainian citizen has the right to 1000 square meters of land , and who isn’t going to get their piece of that?? Thumbs upGo Darth!!!   AlienAlienAlien

The dark villain said , I am Darth Vader, the right hand of Emperor Palpatine,” . (good isn’t he?) And Mr Vader’s intro [ with background music Thumbs upNote] was followed by ,”Knowing that many deputies and the mayor have switched to the dark side, I have come for a land plot…for my space cruiser.”


yes , he said that.


The man did eventually remove his helmet and prove his Ukrainianism with his passport and his application was accepted and will be considered.

wooohoooo!!! Whadduuup DARTH!!! Winking smile

Watch the  action here (Youtube video)… click me …you know you wanna Smile

darth vader

PICTURE: Darth Vader man holding his application papers Smile 

Credit: Reuters/Stringer


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