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RAMfest 2012!!!

I’ve missed you guys… sorry about my absence… i had a slight… Cap problemo.

So i finally got my tickets for RAMfest  and now the 11th March 2012 couldn’t come any quicker…Smile

It is unfortunately only going to be a one-day-fest but hey…as long as i get to see IN FLAMES(Open-mouthed smile) i don’t care . They are after all the only reason i decided to go… and the other acts are like… super bonus !!!(SCORE)

This will be my first RAMfest ever and i cannot describe the uncontainable excitement bubbling out of me…


The Line-Up includes : ( drum roll please )

Performances by In Flames(Sweden) , Infected Mushroom(Israel) , Fokofpolisiekar, The Narrow, Taxi Violence , Newtown Knife Gang …


Performances by Netsky(Belgium) and Niskerone on the OLMECA ELECTRONIC STAGE.

And guess who heard a little bird say that Pendulum (Aus.) might  be joining us too…Smile

I cant wait …it is going to be a mind blower…


Now i know people are pretty pissed off cos its not a super metal and rock show anymore and i agree i would’ve loved to see more guitar solo’s and insane guys breaking their drumsets , but… that’s not gonna happen guys… and we’ve gotta make the most of a great thing anyway.

N O W . . .

I would go insane if In Flames performed take this life’ off their Come Clarity album… and i really really hope they do. It would make my fest , because it is my favourite song by them.

So pretty please guys… be the stars that you are and do TAKE THIS LIFE.

Hurry up In Flames !!!! Rush over to Cape Town ( we’re the folks with the flat mountain Winking smile )

See you soon… SmileOpen-mouthed smile



No Under 16’s

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